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  • name: Smart air unit(power capacity from 12kw to 30kw)
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N Series smart  RENOVOAIR new fans are designed for small base stations, a room designed energy-saving air-conditioning, its use outside the interior room temperature, the cold wind outside filtered into the interior, while the interior from hot air, thus reducing the room air-conditioning running time to saving the energy.
Smart new fan system control circuit is divided into the wind and air-conditioning systems control loop. Wind system control loop to achieve the new wind and ventilation control, and air quality control. Air-conditioning system control loop to achieve the new fans and air-conditioned room interlocking control, as well as the special circumstances of new fans and room air-conditioning run independently.



Fans: high efficiency, high reliability and low noise centrifugal fan, the wind a large amount of air distance and easy maintenance. 
Controller: N Series smart new fan of micro-processing controller LCD display, user interface simple to operate. Multi-level password-protected, can effectively prevent the illegal operation. Power-down controller with self-recovery function, as well as the high / low voltage protection. Configure RS485 interface, remote monitoring can be realized.
Damper actuators: the control of the new electric fan damper actuator using imported components, reliable operation, anti-jamming, long life and easy disassembly.

Compact design with small footprint
Convenient installation, maintenance and repair
Precise temperature and humidity detection
Low energy consumption, low noise
Self-activate after power restore
Multilevel password protection to prevent misuse
Interlocking control fan and Air Conditioning
Mandatory emergency start, the engine room to ensure safety