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Renovoair Zhuhai co., Ltd. (formerly known as "Zhuhai quanko electromechanical equipment co., Ltd.") is a state-level high-tech enterprise focusing on precision environmental control technology for machine rooms and equipment, specializing in the r&d, design, manufacturing and sales of precision air conditioners for hospitals, communications, railways, power base stations and machine rooms.

Since its establishment in 2007, quanko company has always adhered to management and quality as the basis of the survival of the enterprise, and established a complete set of management system has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification; "Environmental protection, green and energy saving" is the first idea of quanko company to design renavel series precision air conditioning products. Quanko owns the world's leading refrigeration system core technology, control technology, structural design technology, and has more than 10 practical new technology patents. The company's production capacity, management level, product quality and service response have been unanimously recognized by professional customers including China telecom, and it has become the nominated supplier of China telecom, China mobile, China unicom and central government centralized procurement in 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2016. Since 2011, the company has been selected as a designated supplier for centralized procurement by the central government for five consecutive years. In addition, the integrated indoor refrigeration solutions with high adaptability and flexibility for the construction needs of multiple new data centers in China have won the favor of customers by virtue of advanced product technology, excellent product quality, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.

Key high company developed Renault air-conditioner products almost covers all types of products of the industry, and range from 4 kw to 1500 kw cooling capacity, including: direct expansion type precision air conditioning, frozen water type precision air conditioning pump, double precision air conditioning cold source, fluorine binary precision air conditioning, ethylene glycol binary precision air conditioning, the frequency conversion air conditioning, precision air conditioning between column; Natural cooling air-cooled chillers, heat pipe air conditioners, cabinet air conditioners, portable air conditioners, small base station air conditioners, small machine room air conditioners, floor fans, intelligent new fans, cold water backboards and so on. Smartcool, Supercool, Rowcool, Minicool4 platform, nearly 30 series, more than 250 models of precision air conditioning products. Can provide: conventional refrigeration system solutions, large refrigerated water refrigeration solutions, fan sunk refrigeration system solutions, high heat density refrigeration solutions, cabinets refrigeration solutions. Quanko has successfully provided "efficient, energy-saving and manageable" professional refrigeration products and high quality overall solutions for railway system, Internet IDC operators, telecom operators, government offices, power system, financial industry and other industries.


In addition, we have set up more than 10 offices in China, which provide customers with the best pre-sale, after-sale and long-term maintenance services.

Since the establishment of the company, for a long time to provide foreign equipment imported outdoor condenser; It also provides split and integrated base station air conditioning and intelligent ventilation equipment for some brands (r&d and production); At the same time for domestic and foreign companies to provide OEM precision machine room air conditioning (r & d and production).

At present, our company cooperates with the air conditioning research center of Shanghai jiaotong university to jointly research and develop a series of high-end technologies and products in the field of air conditioning purification and health.

In order to respond to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction, our company and the major domestic operators in the field of energy conservation research, exchange, and develop a series of energy-saving equipment. Such as China mobile jilin branch to jointly develop double cooling source room special air conditioning; And China mobile communications group co., ltd. to jointly develop energy-saving base station air conditioning. Through the practice verification, the effect is obvious, and then gets the user's trust and support!