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Atlas Copco compressed air system ensures oil free air for Mexican pharmaceutical plants

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FaulaCueUTICOS Collins is a Mexican company that specializes in pharmaceuticals. The company has advanced equipment, sophisticated instruments and highly skilled professional chemists, providing safe, effective and reliable drugs, which are manufactured under the most stringent quality control and meet all medical and health care requirements.
The company guarantees product quality, paying special attention to the production process, including the use of compressed air. Therefore, Collins chose the atlascopco AQ55 and AQ55VSD compressors and the BD185+ dryer to meet its specific requirements for purity, oil-free, high-pressure capacity and higher energy efficiency.
Water - cooled compressor efficiency and economy
Atlas copco's water-cooled AQ55 compressors are specifically developed for applications requiring the highest purity, such as drug production. The excellent cooling capacity of water ensures that heat is effectively removed at source, producing more air per kilowatt of power. Compared with AQ55 variable speed drive (VSD) model, up to 35% additional energy can be saved. The load/no-load conversion loss is eliminated, and precise pressure control allows tighter pressure bands and lower average operating pressure, thereby reducing energy consumption.
AQ compressors provide 100% pure, clean air and are iso853-10 (2010) certified. Class 0 means zero pollution risk; Zero risk of damage or unsafe products; And zero operational downtime risk. No oil is used in compressor components. Even component bearing water lubricated, provides 100% oil-free air. Bearings are fat-free, eliminating any risk of contamination.
Minimum energy cost of BD dryer
AtlasCopco's BD185+ dryer delivers high performance and constant pressure dew points - even at full load. Desiccant air dryers protect the quality of production, equipment, and end products by using desiccant to absorb moisture from compressed air. The pressure dew point sensor measures the residual humidity in the compressed air when the active tower is fully saturated and then switches the two drying tower functions at the optimum time. Due to dew point dependent exchange, the drying cycle is delayed, resulting in energy savings of up to 90% compared to traditional exchange systems. BD dryers further reduce energy costs by using heated ambient air for regeneration.
With a 2013,950 investment in new developments in bioequivalence research, the farmaceuticos Collins has grown by more than 30% and is extending its reach to international competition at the action level towards inriso-9001 and good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification.