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Atlas copco screw blower helps tianjin sinopec achieve clean and low-carbon development

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21, 2018
One of the sources of smog: excessive emissions from coal burning! The task of clean development of coal and electricity is arduous and urgent. Since 2015, China's coal-fired power plants have planned to fully equip with dust removal, desulphurization and denitration devices to meet ultra-low emission standards, and to build the world's largest clean and efficient coal power system by 2020.
Atlas copco's screw blower also plays an important role in desulfurization process of coal-fired power plants. The following is the actual application of ZS screw blower in tianjin sinopec thermal power plant.
Founded on December 28, 1983, tianjin branch of sinopec (hereinafter referred to as tianjin sinopec) is located in binhai new area of tianjin city, covering an area of 14 square kilometers. Annual processing capacity of 12.5 million tons/year, ethylene production capacity of 1.2 million tons/year, subordinate thermal power plant, phase iii including 220 tons/hour, 410 tons/hour and 465 tons/hour steam boiler. Adopting the most widely used wet desulfurization technology in the world at present, the limestone is made into lime slurry, which is made into contact with flue gas through spray atomization in the absorption tower, so as to achieve the goal of desulfurization. The process requires blower conveying such as air to realize the oxidative desulfurization reaction.
Desulfurization tower in Sinopec Tianjin
(desulfurization tower)
The desulfurization project is the highest environmental protection project in the current thermal power plant construction with both one-time investment and continuous operation investment. As a key large-scale equipment in the whole desulfurization operation, the selection of oxidation fan is directly related to the investment and operation effect of the whole project. Therefore, tianjin sinopec in the selection of blower suppliers, a careful and rigorous comparison. Among the two final suppliers, atlas copco's ZS screw blower stands out by its multiple advantages such as fan efficiency and low noise.
Atlas copco ZS series blowers are manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards. ZS series products combine atlas copco's mature screw technology and long-term internal engineering practice, with outstanding reliability. ZS blowers are designed, manufactured and tested to ISO 9001 standards. The unparalleled ZS means your production will never be interrupted. In blower life cycle cost, energy consumption can account for 80%. Compared with roots blower technology, ZS series blower can reduce energy consumption by 30% on average. Integrated frequency conversion (VSD) technology can automatically and accurately adjust the compressed air flow according to the air demand, thus further reducing energy consumption. Compared with roots fan technology, screw technology does not need to replace the belt and pulley, but also reduces the maintenance cost and extends the normal operation time.
"Atlas copco's ZS series oil-free screw blowers are the most advanced and energy-efficient alternative to roots blowers," said qiang Chen, a senior product specialist in atlas copco's low pressure air division. High energy consumption due to high resistance of internal airflow due to belt, roller skid, external compression, silencer and inlet filter. Our ZS screw blower with integrated gearbox and optimized internal air path can effectively reduce pressure drop and air turbulence and reduce energy consumption cost to the maximum extent. "The performance comparison of atlas copco's new ZS series screw blowers over three-leaf roots blowers has been confirmed by TUV testing in accordance with the international standard ISO 1217TUV.
Phase iii projects of tianjin sinopec include phase I 2x zs132cw-j-132kw, phase ii 5x zs132cw-132kw and phase iii 5x zs110cw-110kw. A total of 12 ZS series screw blowers will be put into service for desulfurization flue gas transportation. The highly efficient and energy-saving atlas copco screw blower is also making a contribution to the clean and low-carbon development of the power industry.