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NEW modular CRAC and NEW type in rack cooling launched

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At end of 2017, Renovo born two little babies, they are not twins, as they are totally different appearance and type.


The younger sister: row to row cooling which customized for the customer, the features on the unit :

1.Two systems redundant design, stand-by function by itself. 5+5Kw mode for running, it is 5Kw cooling capacity when there is one system running,10Kw for two systems running.

2.Working condition design: return air@25℃/50%RH, not only apply for big server room without human but also small computer room with human.

3.Compressors place into outdoor units, condensers for the two systems layout in stack type, modular design, easy for maintenance.

4.Indoor fan run under low static pressure, noise is lower than server

5.Totally front maintenance, apply isolate valves on gas/liquid pipe, maintenance as easy as comfortable A/C

6.Application&potential customer: Small computer room or the enterprise server room which office is together with server room. Instead comfortable split A/C, with lower long term maintenance cost

7.Advantages: two systems design, capacity can be expanded, energy efficiency. High quality compare to comfortable A/C as apply computer room air conditioning design and manufacturing.


Here below some pictures and our lab test on it for your reference:

After introduce on the sister, now it is part for the elder brother. The modular CRAC.


Nowadays CRAC competition come stronger, price and flexible become more and more important.


The new product, modular CRAC which have these features can help solve the problem:

1. Modular: the cooling module(evaporator & fan)just like standard building block, different sizes from 30-50Kw.Control and compressor parts are individual one.

2.Material: on metal plate part which help make connection with the building blocks, apply standard structural section, easier with high standardized and lower price, but higher quality.


3.Type: down flow, up flow, AC fan, EC fan

4.Unique feature: once customer buy one module+ control & compressor part from the contractor, if their cooling requirement enlarge, do not like past days, they can change the brand from Uniflair  to Renovo or any other brand easily. But now, they can only select Renovo. It is a lifework .


Here below some pictures on it, for more information, just contact