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customer training and testing in our factory

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On the eve of china 67th nation anniversary, renovo hold a training for our international distributors.

During the four days training, the customers learn more on our precision air conditioning from assembly, after service, testing ,installation, maintenance etc aspects.

Here below are some pictures show the visiting and training in the factory: 


As some customers have no chance or so busy to come our factory to learn more, so here below guide some simply pictures and introduction to help you know more on our lab.


On the back side of the lab, we have some chillers, some of them running under cooling and some under heating, then lab can maintain the temp. for your testing condition.

At the outside of the factory, we have cooling tower for the chiller.


Inside the laboratory (outdoor room)

Inside the laboratory (indoor room)


customer's 70Kw Air cooled DX units job testing view(1 indoor + 2 outdoor units)

Outdoor unit, test the inlet air temperature and humidity

Indoor unit

Indoor unit is down flow type, so the air duct is on the bottom

Indoor unit return air on the top, in here, you can find the air sampling, it’s used to test the condition of the return air.