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NO.1! In 2016 china mobile centralized purchasing vendor list

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NO.1! In 2016 china mobile centralized purchasing vendor list



Key words:*Year:2016/*2000+ units/*Vendor list:NO.1/*40+ million RMB amount/*Buyer:biggest telecom company in china/*Products:precision air conditioning,in rack cooling,base station units


Last weekend,the company held a dinner party as win the china mobile 2016 centralized purchasing bidding,we are NO. 1 in the vendor list(fourth is Emerson),which means we will need supply china mobile more than 2000 units for this year.China mobile is the biggest stated-own telecommunication company in china.This bidding will help us earn a order which amount more than 40million RMB selling amount.Why this time renovo win the bidding and be the NO.1,Our general manager said as we are professional manufacturer in china for precision air conditioning,we have best solutions for data center cooling.


Now our newest product:inrack cooling,monoblock cooling,screwed chiller keep marketing,and get good feedback from customers.


Here below are some picture on that party for your reference: