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Promote internationalization: RENOVO fully into the Southeast Asian market

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  Since the 1990s, with the high-tech industry development and the construction of the global information network, the world economic outlook changes a lot. The trend of global economic integration is enhanced and national economies between different countries are more closely. Of course, China's economy integrated with the world economy becomes more closely as well.

  In this environment, Renovo Zhuhai Ltd. has always insisted on the implementation of the strategy of "going out", participated in the international allocation of resources with a bigger, broader and higher level. Renovo Group is one of the professional manufacturers of precision air conditioning in the world, with many years of efforts, now, Renovo boosts in the international market rapidly, and the pace of internationalization is getting faster and faster. 

  Recently, Renovo had been launching fully into the Southeast Asian market. In May, Renovo's team had an in-depth exploration for the Southeast Asian market. We found that the opportunities and challenges exist and Renovo's products have great potential for development in this market. In the meantime, our team visited Renovo's agent in Malaysia and Thailand. We also visited several Renovo projects locally, and achieved a good response, improving the impact force of Renovo in the local market. This also helped us to understand the local market better and ready to serve the local market with a better and efficient way. 

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