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Thermal recovery of atlas copco compressor further contributes to the sustainable development of Coca Cola

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Coke sustainability
21, 2018
The famous Coca Cola quality system guarantees that more than one billion people can get the refreshment from Coca Cola products every day. This system contains requirements for quality, safety and environment, as well as requirements for procurement, external resource utilization and supplier management. The value chain created by the Coca-Cola system starts with the products and services provided by the suppliers. Atlas copco, as the global partner of Coca Cola, has been moving towards the goal of continuous improvement and development.
In mainland China, Coca-Cola has 43 bottling plants, almost all with atlas copco equipment in operation. How to continuously innovate and improve to provide more effective solutions is our unremitting pursuit. We know that more than 90% of the shaft power of the air compressor does no work to generate compressed air. Instead, it is converted into heat energy and discharged into the surrounding environment. If the ER thermal energy recovery system is installed, up to 75% of the input electric energy can be recovered in the form of hot water without negative impact on the performance of the compressor, which is the most efficient among all energy-saving methods of the compressor at present. But in the past, customers thought there was little room for waste heat from compressors in any process other than heating plants in northern China in the winter. After visiting a large number of Coca Cola plants and learning the whole process of beverage making in detail, product experts of atlas copco found that besides heating, waste heat of compressor can be used in water treatment system, filling machine and even CIP.
Let's take a look at the application of the compressor waste heat recovery system in the thermos bottle filling line of the Coca-Cola plant in taigu, fuzhou.
In the filling process of filling machine, in order to prevent the external condensation of bottles after low-temperature filling from affecting the subsequent packaging process, each bottle will be sprayed into the thermos bottle machine for heating after filling. Usually, the equipment manufacturer will use steam or electric heating to solve this problem. We factory in fuzhou of Coca-Cola's reform is that the original three ZR oil free compressor cooling water access ER module of the new device, after heat, hot water into the application of endplate change, through the water tank and hot water pipe to the production line, hot water and thermos machine plate heat exchange in implementation, was used to replace the use of steam, thermos. In this way, it not only reduces the impact of compressor heat emission on the environment, but also saves steam energy consumption, realizes energy recycling, and reduces carbon emissions.
According to the data during the measurement, a total of 1403m3 of hot water flow was recovered in 15 days, equivalent to 20,971kw of recovered energy, and the average annual energy saving was up to 430,704kw.
Coca Cola is reconsidering how to produce the beverage that people love, developing responsibly and focusing on business growth while continuing to create positive and long-term Shared value for society and the environment. As the world's leading supplier of aerodynamic equipment, atlas copco is committed to providing sustainable production solutions to customers in all industries. In 2016, the carbon dioxide produced by Coca Cola in production, packaging, transportation and storage was reduced by about 14%, including an effort by atlas copco.