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Centrifugal oil-free compressor for henan wanji aluminum co., LTD

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In the aluminum industry, compressed air must be used for pneumatic conveying of raw aluminum powder. Oil pollution can cause quality defects and blockages in pipes and cause fires.
Henan wanji aluminum co., LTD. (wanji aluminum), founded in 2005, is one of the largest aluminum smelters in China. The plant has two electrolytic aluminum production lines with a total capacity of 650,000 tons per year.
To achieve such high volumes, wanji needs not only high-quality oil-free operations but also the highest efficiency, since energy costs account for as much as a third of aluminium production costs.
A large amount of air ensures excellent quality and reliability of the process
The company USES 10 atlas copco oil-free centrifugal compressors in its smelter - five ZH15000 and five ZH10000 units respectively. ZH compressors ensure reliability and energy efficiency in the most demanding environments, and play an integral role in transporting alumina to and from the silo to the electrolytic cell, carbon anode production, air meter operation, and pneumatic conveying of recycled particles.
"For customers with this process, which requires a lot of air, the atlas copco ZH centrifugal compressor ensures excellent quality and reliability. "Commented Mr. SunghwanKim, product manager of atlas copco's oil-free air division.
High flow and low energy consumption
ZH15000 compressor can produce 300m3/min flow at 0.85mpa, ZH10000 compressor can produce 200m3/min flow at 0.85mpa
ZH centrifugal compressors are designed to achieve maximum uptime and minimum maintenance requirements, as well as energy savings. The milling impeller made of 15-5ph stainless steel has undergone a rotation test at a rated speed of 115% to ensure zero defects. Tilting pad bearing, carbon ring gas seal, labyrinth oil seal, AGMAA4 gear and stainless steel cooler achieve trouble-free performance and long service life.
The horizontal split gearbox makes the maintenance and preventive maintenance more convenient. Most of the components on the ZH compressor are specifically designed to optimize energy efficiency, and the entire unit was measured in accordance with ASMEPTC10. Oil-free turbine core device can achieve the best combination of high flow rate and low energy consumption. Sufficient heat dissipation area, low pressure drop and efficient power train system enhance the efficiency of the compressor unit, and these compressors can also provide 100% pure and clean air in accordance with iso8573-1class0 (2010) certification standard.