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Air-cooled direct expansion units ( power capacity from 6kw to 120kw)

Summary information

Products Name:Air-cooled direct expansion units ( power capacity from 6kw to 120kw)

Detailed Information:
Renovo air-cooled direct expansion units take heat from indoor and transfer it to the outside by using condenser. Once the indoor room unit installed with the external condenser which make a closed circuit. It is fast and easy to install in the area where lack of water and cooling water.

It is available for most of situations. Such as, computer room, laboratory, hospital room, commercial offices, etc.  Variety of airflow direction is available according to the specific location.  Such as, up flow, Dow flow, duct, and plenum.

Main component:

High efficiency filter;

The surface of cabinets is made of the electrostatic spraying cold-rolled plates;

All the units are using scroll compressors which are imported from overseas;High volume axial fan, high efficiency, reliable and low noise.

Controls: User friendly, easy installation and control the fan speed according to the temperature surrounded.

Direct evaporation cooling, refrigeration and cooling water pump, and other types.

Microcomputer control and remote monitoring.

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