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Variable frequency computer room precision air-conditioning (power capacity from 13kw to 20kw)

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The Inverter Room Air-Conditioner is designed for occasions of high control accuracy requirements, such as dedicated laboratory. It used advanced variable frequency drive technology and the PID regulation technology; it can change compressor’s output frequency according to the temperature difference between returning air temperature and setting temperature. When the temperature difference is high, the compressor operates at high-frequency, rapid cooling; when the temperature difference is low, the compressor operates at low-frequency, efficiency and energy saving


High control precision temperature and constant humidity

Advanced variable frequency drive technology, stability, efficiency, and energy saving

Controller with powerful management functions,regulation technology, control the unit timelynverter-type scroll compressor, with a wide cooling capacity



The unit operates at high-frequency when the load is big, rapid cooling and response timely

The unit operates at low-frequency automatically when returning air temperature decline to setting temperature, will not started and turned off frequently, small fluctuations of temperature and humidity, and high control precision

Low-maintenance electrode steam humidifier, capacity (30%~100%) output proportionately, control of the humidity precisely
Safe and efficiency electric heaters, Three-stages or SSR control mode, control of the temperature more precisely

Intelligent dehumidification design, rapid dehumidification without high-power re-heater compensation

Intelligent electronic expansion valve, response to room load changes rapidly, a more accurate flow control

Direct drive high-static pressure centrifugal fan, low-noise, big volume, and efficiency
Wide voltage (85%~115%) operation, strong ability to adapt to power grid
Soft-start with low-voltage, no current impact, and better protection of the room equipment
Small electromagnetic radiation, the product has passed EMC test, avoiding the electromagnetic radiation on the human body and the interference against equipment.

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