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Direct expansion water-cooled(power capacity from 6kw to 120kw

Summary information

Products Name:water-cooled direct expansion units (power capacity from 6kw to 120kw)

Products No:RDW/RUW006A~013A(6-13kW),RDW/RUW018A~042B(18-42kW),RDW/RUW057C~120D(57-120kW)

Detailed Information


Water-cooled direct expansion units extract heat from the room and transfer it to outside by using water-cooled heat exchanger within the unit. The cooling water may be fed from the main supply, a cooling tower or a well, or circulate in an external dry-coolers. In the latter case an anti-freeze mixture of water and ethylene glycol is normally used. The units are higher EER and energy conservation than air-cooled unit. Unit installed without restrictions on out door venues.



The units provide accurately air temperature and relative humidity  for all year  continuously.

All the maintenance service carries out through the front of the air conditioner.

Excellent intelligent control system, remote monitor is available

High efficiency and energy saving compared with traditional air conditioner.


The main components  

Frame and panel sprayed with black epoxy resin powder


•Rotary compressor


•Thermostatic expansion valve


•Axial supply air fan and electric motor


•Centrifugal condenser fan and electric motor


•Cooling coil with copper tubes and aluminum fin


•Condensing coil with copper tubes and aluminum fin


•Hot spot temperature sensor


•Low pressure safety switch


•High pressure safety switch


•R22/R407C/R410A refrigerant


•Microprocessor control system

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