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chilled water units (power capacity from 70kw to 160kw)

Summary information

Products Name:chilled  water units (power capacity from 70kw to 160kw)

Products No:RDC0700~1600

Detailed Information

Chilled water units use the availability of chilled water to control room conditions. It has simple construction and outstanding reliability. The microprocessor controls the modulating action of the 2-way or 3-way valve to provide accurate capacity control.


The frozen water air conditioning has large cooling capacity. It is suitable for the large laboratory, station base. The product can meet a variety of complex telecommunications cabinet working conditions, the heat exchanger unit will be running with communication. The product can ensure safe and reliable operation of communications equipment with appropriate temperature environment. 

The main components

Cabinet     The surface of cabinets is made of the electrostatic spraying cold-rolled plates.

Scroll compressor    All units are using scroll compressor, which ensure the high efficiency units, less moving parts, less vibration, and low-noise.

Air filter     It is made of vinegar synthetic fibers with high dust-rate and low initial resistance characters.

Fan        Fans are using the external rotor axial fans designed to meet the environmental requirements of noises

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