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Direct expansion air cooled unit

Summary information

A: DX air-cooled monoblock RTR units, Cooling capacity: 5~20KW
B: DX air-cooled split RTR units, Cooling capacity:6.5~45KW
C: Chilled water RTR units, Cooling capacity: 20~50KW


Refrigerant: R22/R407C/R410a
Standard 42U cabinet
Coupling compressor unit
Variable speed EC fans


1.Humidification control
2.Electrical heater
3.Condensate pump
4.Water leakage detector
5.RS485 Modbus card


Main component for RTR close control air condition

Component name description picture

The surface of cabinets is made of the electrostatic spraying cold-rolled plates.
They are light weight, high structural strength and appearance of the fluid.The inside door with flame retardant insulation layer level, surrounded with fixed special double-seal, to good insulation, noise and sealing effect.

Compressor All units are using Copeland scroll compressor, which ensure the high efficiency units, less moving parts, less vibration, and low noise
Microprocessor controller Unit control system uses advanced Carel microprocessor, thus it is providing more convenient and accurate system monitoring functions and parameter setting. In normal use of the temperature and humidity range,temperature control accurate to within ±1℃, the temperature control accuracy to within±5%


Throttling device Electronic expansion valve provides highly efficient electronic control of the flow of refrigerant in a precise
Axial Fan Use world well-know Ziehl-Abegg fan for outdoor unit
EC fan Use variable speed EC fan for indoor unit and horizontal airflow will save the cost on the energy during operation  
Humidifier The electrode humidifier system is used for the units. The capacity of humidification,water outlet and water inlet which are controlled by a microprocessor.Automatic humidifying tank cleaning procedures to ensure humidifier can maintain normal humidifying efficiency  
Heater The electric heater has a perfect protection and anti-ionizing functions  
EU4 Air filter It is using the fold-plate filter that can be clean. It is made of vinegar synthetic fibers with high dust-rate and low initial resistance characters. The filtering media can be reuse and change easily  
Evaporator We use a highly efficient evaporator with high-quality materials and
advanced professional technology. It has a large area of heat transfer
Condenser Condenser shell is made of anti corrosion materials. Using the external rotor axial fans designed to meet the environment requirement of noise. Fans speed control the speed of different temperature that
guarantee good results and energy saving operation


 Schematic diagram for five series of close control air condition

Air-cooled DX units      Chilled water units




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