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Energy saving unit

Summary information

Renovo Energy -saving units represent the ultimate energy-efficient solution in cooling of temperate. The unit operates as a normal closed circuit glycol-cooled sys tem. As the external temperature falls, the coolant can be directly for the free cooling of the air. In this case the coolant circulates in the coil inside the unit and both the refrigerant circuit and the glycol circuit contribute to the cooling, which will reduce the energy used by the compressor. If the outside temperature falls further to a level where the coolant can dissipate the entire heat load from the room then the refrigerant circuit is shut down completely and the unit functions as a traditional chilled water unit with modulation valve. Renovoair Energy -saving units provide significant reduction in operating costs and playback periods.
Energy saving units are based on the telecom base stations for small-scale air-conditioning equipment, energy-saving requirements developed by the outdoor heat exchanger cabinet, the cabinet meeting the telecommunications complex working conditions, using the latest energy-saving technology, to achieve a high-performance, High reliability and low running .


The main components
With unique frame design and black steel framework demonstrating consummate production technology, professional design and noble and elegant appearance, the cabinet guarantees the safety of the unit under any transport condition and operating environment.


Scroll Compressor
The core power of the unit is from Copeland closed scroll compressor that guarantees the high efficiency, low noise and long life of the unit.


A filter under G4 standard for metal tank bracket, which can be washed and rinsed repeatedly, thus reducing operating cost.


With an enclosure of anti-corrosion alloy that ensures service life and appearance of the condenser, an external rotor axial flow fan that is elaborately designed and able to satisfy the environmental protection requirements on noise, and a fan speed regulator that controls the rotating speed under different temperature and ensures sound operating effect and energy saving.

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